My Name is Tanvir M Anjum. I am a Psychologist and a Psychotherapist from an existential perspective. I am working from last 30 years. 

Do you need help in case of crisis, grief, anxiety, depression or trauma related problems etc, You are welcome for therapy with me. You are also welcome if you want to explore and reflect on yourself, togather with me. 

Existential therapy requires active participation from the client. The goal is to adopt an exploratory way of working and through it help you live more vibrantly and be able to handle your difficulties based on your circumstances. To understand better your life and its challenges and find better ways to face it.

Beside this I have long experience to work with traumatised refugees and immigrants from around the world. I have knowledge of South Asia and Middle East. Beside Swedish and english language I can talk Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi language.

If you are a student of psychology or psychotherapy you are welcome for your own/ educational therapy.

Contact me to book a time.